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                        Sock/T-Shirt Challenge                                          
There is an enormous need in both the Homeless                   communities as well as the Disabled Veterans for basic       
necessities of life. The most common request from these    
folks is socks and T-Shirts.                                                           
We would like to issue a challenge for each and every           member to bring with them to any event either a new pair 
of socks (man or woman's) or a new  T-shirt (again man or  
woman's) to be donated.                                                              
Please ALL items must be new! Thank you in advance for     your participation to help those less fortunate in life.          

Chapter Gathering

3rd Tuesday of the Month

Golden Corral

2111 SW College Rd.

Eat @ 5:30 PM Meeting @ 6:30 PM

Very Special People


Jim and Dorothy Serio
2022 Couple of the Year


Mike Sadlon
2022 Person of the Year

Jayne Van Tol, Chapter Director, and all the FL1-F2 Folks

            Invite you to join us for our monthly Chapter Gathering, 



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